Preserving Food 2023 (Freezing)

In the past few years I’ve taught myself several food preservation methods: fermentation and water bath canning, primarily. But today I’ll talk about how I put food into my freezer, and how I preserve the bounty of not just homegrown and locally grown produce but also foods bought at a typical grocery store. After all, food is still wonderful and precious no matter where it comes from, and you won’t find me wasting it anytime soon.

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Summer 2023 Book Recommendations (Kid’s Edition)

It can be difficult to talk with kids about the climate crisis in an uplifting and age appropriate way.  Books can help start a conversation and keep things positive, so as to avoid climate anxiety. Here are five books that can inspire a love of the Earth in children and give them ideas for ways they can make a positive impact on the planet.

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My family and I just got back from a road trip through South Dakota. While it was fun, it’s always an eye opening experience to visit different and especially more rural areas than I’m used to. Different communities have varying access to things such as recycling, food variety and availability, public transportation, etc. Today I’d like to talk about how my diet changes when I travel and why.

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