Ten Things (January)

Living sustainably is all about the choices we make. It isn’t accomplished in one day or in one action, but rather in many actions performed over a lifetime. That’s why I’m going to start a year long series where I detail ten sustainable actions/habits I’ve done that month to lower my environmental impact. Some of these habits are done daily, others occasionally, but they are all done with the intention of living more mindfully and sustainably. My hope is that this monthly series will illuminate how varied sustainable actions can be, and how life and habits can shift with the seasons.

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My family and I just got back from a road trip through South Dakota. While it was fun, it’s always an eye opening experience to visit different and especially more rural areas than I’m used to. Different communities have varying access to things such as recycling, food variety and availability, public transportation, etc. Today I’d like to talk about how my diet changes when I travel and why.

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Sustainable Habits (2010-2021)

I don’t come from an environmentally focused family or area of the world. In fact, when I became interested in environmental topics, municipal recycling wasn’t even available to me. Thankfully, in many areas of the world accessibility to environmentally responsible systems has changed throughout the years. Here’s a look at some of the habits I’ve implemented and built upon over the years to live more sustainably.

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