Planning Ahead (Breakfast)

A sustainable lifestyle can often be portrayed by perfection: matching mason jars and reusable straws, canvas tote bags and empty countertops, pantries without a single piece of packaging in sight. But life isn’t perfect, and the best of intentions can be forgotten in times of stress. Today I’d like to share with you a few ways I make my life easier for when times get tough.

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Preserving Food 2023 (Freezing)

In the past few years I’ve taught myself several food preservation methods: fermentation and water bath canning, primarily. But today I’ll talk about how I put food into my freezer, and how I preserve the bounty of not just homegrown and locally grown produce but also foods bought at a typical grocery store. After all, food is still wonderful and precious no matter where it comes from, and you won’t find me wasting it anytime soon.

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Plant-Based Cooking Inspiration

Eating more plant-based meals is a great way to improve your health and reduce your environmental impact, but it can be daunting to people used to eating meat regularly. Whether you’re interested in incorporating more plants into your diet or switching over to a completely vegan lifestyle, finding good recipes or inspiring video content can help ease the journey. Here are 5 plant-based content creators whose insight and recipes helped me to transition to a (mostly) vegan diet.

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Preserving Food (Early Fall)

For the past few weeks I’ve been gathering from my garden, foraging near my home, and frequenting local farms. I’ve collected plenty of raspberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, jalapeños, herbs, red and green cabbage, and apples. I’ve preserved these foods using a variety of different methods: keeping some foods as individual ingredients and integrating others into entrees, sauces, and sides. Here are some ways I’ve been preserving food recently.

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