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Summer 2023 Book Recommendations (Kid’s Edition)

It can be difficult to talk with kids about the climate crisis in an uplifting and age appropriate way.  Books can help start a conversation and keep things positive, so as to avoid climate anxiety. Here are five books that can inspire a love of the Earth in children and give them ideas for ways they can make a positive impact on the planet.

Kids Fight Climate Change: Act now to be a #2minutesuperhero: Dorey,  Martin, Wesson, Tim: 9781536223484: Books

Kids Fight Climate Change is an excellent book that can inspire children to do quick tasks to help the planet. It has suggestions for many simple actions that take a few minutes along with others that can lead to longterm change. It truly reveals how each small action can make an impact, and how all of the small actions we take can add up to a big difference.

It Starts With a Seed – childtasticbooks

It Starts With A Seed takes the reader through the life of a tree, from seed to sturdy sycamore. It shows a seed sprouting and growing larger over the years, and gives a glimpse of different animals and insects who depend on it and the entire ecosystem surrounding it. It’s a sweet story that shows how one small thing can lead to something amazing, and how all of nature is connected in a meaningful way.

Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials: 60 Cool Projects that  Reimagine Paper Rolls, Egg Cartons, Jars and More!: McLeod, Kimberly:  9781624149085: Books

Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials is a fun book that shows how to use many types of items in various crafting projects. Doing the projects can inspire kids to think of items as materials they can create with, rather than junk to discard. I think this is an excellent book for finding creative crafts to do with kids, and it would be a great addition to a preschool or elementary school art program.

Little Homesteader: A Summer Treasury of Recipes, Crafts, and Wisdom

The Little Homesteader Seasonal Treasury books (see summer here, but there are books for every season) are lovely and whimsical books filled with seasonal crafts and activities. Each book is filled with unique details about the season it depicts. Each book highlights aspects of seasons to look forward to, so kids can learn to appreciate the seasons to their fullest and delight in the ever changing world we live in.

The Tree Farmer: Chuck Leavell, Nicholas Cravotta, Chuck Leavell, Rebecca  Bleau: 9780615355207: Books

The Tree Farmer depicts a farmer telling his grandchild about the trees he plants, raises, and eventually cuts down. The man speaks with gratitude for the trees for all the gifts they give us. He talks about their benefits to our bodies and our ecosystems, and also the uses they have once they are cut down. Rather than talking about nature as a thing to serve humans, he describes it in a respectful and appreciative way. This book depicts nature in a way far different than most people see it; the book shares a refreshing point of view that will help children to appreciate the gifts that we receive from the planet, both in nature and in our homes.

I hope you and your children enjoy these books as much as my family did. If you’re looking for more books to check out, you can find last year’s book recommendations here. Happy reading!