Let’s talk about food

I envision this blog being about many things, but my primary focus will be food. Why? Because while swapping to something like a bamboo toothbrush is a great way to cut back on waste when it’s replaced 2-4 times per year, food is a choice we make several times per day, every day. Meals, drinks, snacks, desserts… they all have an impact, and we have the ability to make that impact smaller while still eating healthy and delicious food. 

Making food from scratch over buying packaged food makes a difference. Loading up on veggies makes a difference. And choosing to eat leftovers or using leftovers to create something new and exciting makes a difference, too. 

It’s winter now, so the growing season isn’t happening at the moment. Thankfully I’ve preserved some of last summer’s bounty to enjoy in this beautiful but bleak season. Cabbage has been fermented into sauerkraut and is now stored in the fridge for a tangy condiment. Applesauce has been canned and frozen for eating and baking purposes. Spinach and kale from the garden was pureed and frozen in small amounts to use in sauces and smoothies. Locally grown raspberries were harvested and frozen to use in muffins and pancakes. Pumpkin puree is frozen in small amounts to make pumpkin bread with ease. Each time I reach into the pantry or freezer for these ingredients, I can feel good knowing that none of last summer’s produce was wasted in our home, and the delicious food will nourish us in the coming months. 

For me, food is love. I express my love for my family through healthy meals I think they will enjoy and warm baked goods that no one can resist. It’s the culmination of effort that goes unseen in the fields, weather that showers, shades, and suns the crops, and time spent planning and preparing the food. It is an experiment- often delicious, sometimes not. It is fuel for our bodies and souls. It is culture and comfort, and it will be this blog’s primary focus.