There’s No One Answer

I wish living sustainably was as simple as going vegan or choosing package free products. There is just more to it than that. Organic vs conventional. Local vs imported. Natural materials vs synthetics.

The good news is we can look at any small aspect of our lives and make changes to be more sustainable. We can look at one choice on any given day and make a decision. To refuse a plastic bag and carry an item instead. To not buy the cute seasonal decor and instead be content with what we already have. To make one more homemade meal per week than we used to. To buy secondhand instead of new.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” -Max Lucado

Every positive choice we make is a step in the right direction. It may be small and at times it may feel meaningless, but it matters. Millions of people have made these tiny choices, and it has caused enough of a change that governments and corporations have been forced to pay attention.

Photo by Ian Turnell:

The climate crisis is on no one person’s shoulders. But with each better choice we as individuals make, we help to shift the culture we live in to one that lives more gently on the earth. We have great power in numbers, and we should feel empowered by that. So don’t overthink small details; just know that by continuing to make the best choice you’re able to in any given situation you are helping to make this world better.