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Plant-Based Cooking Inspiration

Eating more plant-based meals is a great way to improve your health and reduce your environmental impact, but it can be daunting to people used to eating meat regularly. Whether you’re interested in incorporating more plants into your diet or switching over to a completely vegan lifestyle, finding good recipes or inspiring video content can help ease the journey. Here are 5 plant-based content creators whose insight and recipes helped me to transition to a (mostly) vegan diet.

Pick Up Limes

Sadia of Pick Up Limes is a registered dietician, so her meals are typically nutritionally complete and healthful. She focuses on ease when making recipes; I found this really helpful when I was improving my knife and cooking skills. She makes things seem achievable, and focuses on what you can incorporate into your diet rather than focusing on what not to eat.

Nisha Vora From Rainbow Plant Life on Quitting Her Job as a Lawyer to  Become a Vegan Food Blogger

Rainbow Plant Life

Nisha of Rainbow Plant Life is delightful and creative. Her meals are always colorful, flavorful, and delicious. Her meals are a bit more complicated to make than some of the others I’ll mention, but they are well worth the effort when there’s time.

An Interview With The Korean Vegan | Best Health

The Korean Vegan

Joanne of The Korean Vegan is a thoughtful and eloquent speaker. While I don’t make quite as many of her recipes as I do of the others, I find Joanne to be an encouraging and uplifting soul. Watching her make incredible vegan food while she talks about topics is a new hobby of mine. Her videos feed the soul, and inspire me to feed my body delicious vegan food.

Tabitha Brown Is Spreading Joy and Veganism on TikTok - The New York Times

Tabitha Brown

Tabitha is one of the most encouraging people around. She works to make plant-based living feel achievable for everyone. If you’re ever feeling pressured or like your lifestyle choices are burdensome, Tabitha will make you feel like what you’re doing is worthy of pursuing. She’s like the best friend you didn’t know you needed.

About - The Edgy Veg

The Edgy Veg

Candice from The Edgy Veg makes plant-based eating seem fun. She recreates viral TikTok recipes, which is nice for people feeling left out of the latest food craze. She showcases a wide variety of recipes: cooking for one, desserts, quick recipes, comfort food, etc.

It’s important to remember that people choose to eat plant-based meals for a number of different reasons, and no one reason is more valid than another. Some of these influencers came to eat a plant-based diet because of health reason, others because of the environment or ethical concerns. Whatever their reason to eat plant-based meals may be (or your reason for that matter), it is good and it is making a difference.