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Holiday Gift Options (For Food Lovers)

The holidays are almost here, so today I’ll highlight gift ideas that are thoughtful as well as sustainable. Today’s focus is gifts for home cooks and food lovers.

Gifts Under $30

For a consumable and indulgent gift, consider gifting an assortment of fancy salts or a few ethical chocolate bars. Homemade or locally produced condiments, such as hot sauce or barbecue sauce, would also make a lovely gift.

For a handmade touch, you could gift a plate of the recipient’s favorite type of cookies, brownies, or other treat. You could also make and gift some chocolate bark or a loaf of sourdough bread.

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To make kitchen work a little easier for home cooks, consider gifting a few silicone bags or look into getting your loved one’s knives professionally sharpened. You could also give a reusable oil sprayer to replace aerosol cans or bestow a quality bag to help keep leafy vegetables crisp.

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Gifts From $30-100

If your gift recipient is interested in growing food, consider getting these seed sprouting lids or a mushroom growing kit.

For the baker in your life, consider gifting a personalized rolling pin or a small amount of sourdough starter and a banneton .

For people who like hosting gatherings, a decorative charcuterie board made from upcycled materials or a handmade ceramic serving dish that you get from a local ceramist would make a great gift.

Gifts $100+

These gifts are pricier, but are nice for a group to purchase together.

For a curated feel, gift a personalized basket of local foods. Gift handmade or locally produced jams, mustards, and sauces alongside pastries from a local baker, wine or kombucha from a local producer, honey from local bees, or anything else you think the receiver might appreciate.

Lastly, every food lover appreciates fresh herbs and good quality produce. The best way to access these things would be to splurge for a countertop garden or a CSA share. For someone who’s truly interested in starting gardening, a subpod composter or countertop composter will help them have good quality soil to grow plants with.

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I hope these ideas inspire you. If you’re still looking for gift inspiration, check out this post of ideas for drink lovers.