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Holiday Gift Options (When You’re Out Of Ideas)

Some people are hard to shop for. Today I’ll give some gift options for the people in your life you really don’t know what get. As always, these gifts will be thoughtful as well as sustainable.

See if there’s a gathering of local craft makers and artisans going on near you. There you may find some interesting gifts, such as decorative ornaments made from stained glass or dried flowers. You will likely also find unique items like carved wooden cooking spoons made from reclaimed wood, one of a kind earrings, handwoven baskets, etc.

Keep your loved one cozy by gifting Conscious Step socks. Pick a cause that is meaningful to the gift receiver, and let them proudly display that cause with their sustainable socks. They might also appreciate some reusable hand warmers or a hand knit hat or scarf.

Lots of people like burning candles at this time of year. You could gift a refillable candle or get a kit and make your own candle using an interesting upcycled jar or mug. Along the same lines, you could gift a rechargeable lighter for lighting candles or just having around as a handy and sustainable tool.

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For the reader in your life, a beautifully illustrated book will be sure to catch their interest. A decorative bookmark would also be handy for an avid reader.

For the transplants in your life, you could gift a decorative ornament depicting their home state or a selection of snacks that might remind them of “home.”

For your favorite adventurer, you could gift an annual National Park Pass or a portable charger for extended exploration.

Lastly, you could give the gift of learning or entertainment. Gift a membership to Skillshare, Audible, or YouTube premium. Memberships or passes to museums, amusement parks, or movie theaters are also wonderful gifts.

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I hope you all have a safe and joyful holiday season. If you’re still searching for gift ideas, be sure to check out my posts on gifts for drink and food lovers.